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MOJO NATION / I have 7 2021 season tickets for sale
« Last post by atwerz on August 07, 2021, 07:33:19 pm »
I have D-14-29, 30, 31, 32  Also have E-29  23, 24, 25.  Price is what ECISD sold them to me for,  $42 per season ticket.  Each set is all or none.  Call Jimmy Edwards  889-9797 anytime.
MOJO NATION / 2020 Football Banquet Awards-
« Last post by MOJONation on January 24, 2021, 06:58:33 pm »
2020 Football Banquet Awards-

Most Valuable Player- Harper Terry
Best Receiver- Shy Stephens-Deary
Best Back- Andy Castillo
Best Off Lineman- Harris Sewell
Best Def Lineman- William Payne
Best Linebacker- Amarion Garrett, Parker Gwilliam
Best Def Back- Kayden Baze
Special Teams- Luke Bland
Ed Gray Award Outstanding Contribution to the Team- Terran Limuel
Howell Fighting Panther- Marties Rogers
Wilkins Scholarship- Kendyn Armstrong
George Manly Highest GPA- Austin Jacobo
Joe Beene Most Conscientious Player Award- Brady Digby
Myron Schneider Scholarship- Bobby Lopez
Football Sweetheart- Taryn Banks
Support Staff- Kalyssa Chavez
Gene McCanlies Special Fan Award- Todd Berridge
George Manly Booster Club Award- Amy Ontiveroz

MOJO NATION / 2-6A Al District team
« Last post by MOJONation on December 27, 2020, 09:47:12 pm »
District 2-6A All-District Team

x-unanimous selection

District MVP — Mikey Serrano, QB, Sr., Midland Lee

Offensive MVP — Malachi Brown, QB., Sr., San Angelo Central.

Defensive MVP — Wesley Smith, LB., Jr., Midland Lee.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year — Shy Stephens-Deary, WR, Sr., Permian

Defensive Newcomer of the Year — Noah Hatcher, DB., Soph., Abilene High.

Coach of the Year — Jeff Ellison, Permian



Quarterbacks — x- Mikey Serrano, Sr., Midland Lee; x- Malachi Brown, Sr., San Angelo Central; x- Harper Terry, Sr., Permian.

Running backs — x- Makhilyn Young, Jr., Midland Lee; Phonzo Dotson, Sr., Abilene High; Daniel Garcia, Sr., Midland High.

Fullback — Aidan Acosta, Jr., Midland Lee.

Receivers — x-Shy Stephens-Deary, Permian; x-Christian Romero, Midland Lee; Jeshari Houston, Sr., Abilene High; Shemar Davis, Sr., Midland Lee; Terran Limuel, Sr., Permian; Seth Levesque, Sr., San Angelo Central, Jalen Leifeste, Sr., San Angelo Central.

Tight end — Tyson Moore, Jr., Abilene High.

Offensive line — Keegan Copher, Sr., Abilene High; Cade Owen, Jr., Permian; Garrett Whitehill, Jr., Midland Lee; Harris Sewell, Soph., Permian; Trevor Van Husen, Jr., Midland Lee; Chris Muns, Sr., San Angelo Central.

Kicker— x-Gunner Meade, Jr., Midland Lee

Utility— Terran Limuel, Sr., Permian.


Defensive line — x- Kameron Curry, Jr., Midland Lee; x- Dwayne Huff, Sr., San Angelo Central; Dylan Worgull, Sr., Abilene High; Christian Olivas, Sr., Midland Lee; William Payne, Sr., Permian; Ceasar Saldana, Sr., San Angelo Central.

Inside linebackers — x- Elijah Nunez, Sr., Midland Lee; x- Wesley Smith, Jr., Midland Lee; Jayton Stuckey, Jr., Abilene High; Ty Casey, Jr., San Angelo Central.

Outside linebackers — x- Amarion Garrett, Sr., Permian; Jacob Maltos, Sr., Midland Lee.

Cornerbacks — Tre Hubert, Sr., Midland Lee; Corey McCoy, Jr., Permian.

Safeties — x-Noah Hatcher, Soph., Abilene High; Jalon Robertson, Sr., Midland Lee; Kayden Baze, Jr., Permian.

Punter — Ashton Hartsfield, Sr., San Angelo Central.


Quarterbacks — Abel Ramirez, Jr., Abilene High.

Running backs — Da’King Thomas, Jr., Abilene High; William Bayouth, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Andy Castillo, Sr., Permian

Fullback — Taija Smith, Jr., Wolfforth Frenship.

Receivers — Nate Seballos, Sr., Abilene High; Klein Coker, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Carson Miller, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Nate Suttle, Jr., Midland Lee; Tyler Hill, Soph., San Angelo Central.

Tight end — Perry Gonzales, Sr., Odessa High.

Offensive line — Seth Heller, Jr., Midland Lee; Isaiah Kerma, Soph., Wolfforth Frenship; Carlos Garcia, Sr., Midland Lee; Zach Killam, Jr., Abilene High; Cooper Sheehan, Jr., Permian.

Kicker— Anthony Ramirez, Jr., Abilene High.

Utility— Shemar Davis, Sr., Midland Lee.



Defensive line — Martin Castaneda, Sr., Midland Lee; Monte’Vious Dobbins, Sr., San Angelo Central, Marteis Rogers, Sr., Permian; Eli Salinsas, Sr., San Angelo Central.

Inside linebackers — Peyton Sharp, Jr., Permian; Bryson McNutt, Jr., San Angelo Central.

Outside linebackers — Nathaniel Guzman, Sr., Abilene High, Sr., Parker Gwilliam, Sr., Permian.

Cornerbacks — Brooks Hocut, Jr., Wolfforth Frenship; Canyon Moses, Soph., Midland Lee.

Safeties — Stefano Sanchez, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Brannan Mannix, Jr., Midland High.

Punter — Aaron Hernandez, Sr., Odessa High.


Abilene High  — Jackson Wilson, Jr., RB; Frederick Johnson, Sr., WR; Gabe Allelo, Jr., OL; Keanu Graves, Sr., OL; Jaycob Parker, Soph., DL; Maison Dickinson, Jr., LB: Steven Leija-Mendez, Sr., LB; Joseph Woodyard, Sr., S; Jaryn Talmedge, Sr., CB; Alquan Livinston, Jr., CB.

Midland High  — Jakob Vines, Jr., WR: Landry Walls, Jr., QB; Luke Manning, Jr., WR; Brianzai Perez, Jr., WR: Matteo Houston, Jr., LB; Caden Pyles, Sr., OL: Brett Canis, Sr., OL; Daniel Magallanes, Sr., OL: Donovan Valles, Sr., OL.

Midland Lee  — Finley Higgins, Sr., S.

Odessa High  — Diego Cervantes, Jr., QB; Jesse Cervantes, Sr., DB; Jovanni Flotte, Sr., WR; Caleb Poitevint, Sr., DL; Shawn Ruiz, Jr., Tim Avila, Sr., LB; Saul Anguiano, Sr., OL; Gary Brooks, Sr., DL: Aaron Hernandez, Sr., LB.

Permian  — Joaquin Gonzales, Sr., DE: Bryce Woody, Soph., S; Jayden Pruitt, Soph., CB; Drake Womack, Jr., DL: Lucas Salazar, Jr., Slot; Rodney Hall, Soph., Utility; Cade Tschaunder, Sr., WR

San Angelo Central  — Kyson Snelson, Sr., FS; Tripp Noble, Sr., WR: Cayden Box, Jr., WR; Ashton Hartsfield, Sr., DT: Weston Hill, Sr., WR: Kayden Hameister, Jr., CB: Jacob O’Dell, Sr., SS; Malik Haywood, Sr., DB, Samuel Navarette, Jr., RB; Kobe Moore, Jr., OL; Andres Sanchez, Jr., OL.

Wolfforth Frenship  — Andrew Braddock, Jr., WR; Tye Johnson, Sr., OL; Karson Jones, Jr., OL; Tristan Laughlin, Sr., LB; Jake Gilbert, Sr., LB: Brady Wolfe, Sr., DB; Kaden Meier, Jr., OL; Jon Olivarez, Jr., K: David Kirkpatrick, Sr., DL; Alex Briggs, Sr., DL; Trace Buchanan, Sr., DL; Colton Kiser, Jr., DB; Kyle McCormick, Jr., DL..
MOJO NATION / Re: TV and live stream schedule
« Last post by MOJONation on December 18, 2020, 11:06:20 am »
Good news Panther fans! Today’s game vs Southlake Carroll will be live streamed on the Permian Sports Network! Link to the livestream is in the link below! #MojoNation #BeatCarroll
« Last post by MOJONation on November 16, 2020, 08:06:11 pm »
SAISD told me that our tickets will be on sale Tuesday and Wednesday at Ratliff as usual.
MOJO NATION / Re: TV and live stream schedule
« Last post by MOJONation on November 14, 2020, 10:50:09 pm »
« Last post by MOJONation on November 01, 2020, 11:28:41 pm »
If there are special instructions for this week's game I'll post them ASAP.
MOJO NATION / Re: Permian Tapes
« Last post by martinjdunham on October 31, 2020, 11:28:52 pm »
Some good games that others have put up I have found:
91 Permian-Waco - - a Waco channel
85 Permian-Irv MacArthur - - a MacArthur channel
85 Permian-El Paso/Denton -
85 Permian-Lee - - some other stuff here too
MOJO NATION / Permian Tapes
« Last post by martinjdunham on October 29, 2020, 05:09:50 pm »
Hello gentlemen,

Years back I wrote on the old forum searching for older Permian tapes (late 80s-early 90s). I am still very much serious and interested in this. One person reached out before saying he wasn't interested in sharing with an outsider, and totally respect that. Another person reached out but with life and everything else I haven't been able to reconnect.
Recently, I just got a bunch of tapes from 1993 and couple from 94-95 from Bob Bailey at Trans Global Productions and are currently studying them. I've watched a couple through but just getting started with the Temple game really noting and detailing the schemes. Different teams have different looks and emphasis with different cool adjustments which I'd love to study further. Example I watched a youtube clip of 88 Permian vs Marshall, and it looks like they had a TE off and motion across package, and other than the 1-2 plays shown in that highlight package it is something I haven't seen them use at all. I know Coach Wilkins utilized tons of shifts and movements from the games I've casually watched. And Coach Gaines/Hollingshead did some stuff utilizing different pro style formations and increased play packaging. Coach Mayes looks like he did some shifting too and a ton of 3 back/lineman in backfield sets to run the ball successfully.

Long story short, I am still very serious and interested in any tapes anyone may be willing to share. I'll even take VHS and convert - i have a VHS to DVD setup at home that I've used to digitize some of my school's tapes. There's these sites too but no idea how to contact them - can't find any email on here has recently updated though - email here doesn't work inactive, has tons of stuff I'd be interested in

It is a total stretch and shot dark but maybe I'll luck out. Being from Massachusetts I know I am a total outsider. Since we're still offseason until February figured now's a good time to try again on here. Watched the Lee game a couple weeks ago and it is cool to see you guys get to play!

Any help is appreciated! If someone wants to communicate via  email my address is: Thanks guys, stay well, appreciate your time!
« Last post by MOJONation on October 26, 2020, 04:44:35 pm »
Tickets sales for this weeks varsity football game Permian vs Frenship will be pushed back a day due to possible weather conditions tomorrow.
So season ticket holders and parents of student groups participating can buy tickets on Wednesday
General Public tickets will go on sale on Thursday
At Ratliff Stadium
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