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MOJO NATION / 2022 2-6A All-District Team
« Last post by MOJONation on November 22, 2022, 12:16:16 pm »
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x-unanimous selection


MVP – Hudson Hutcheson, Jr., Wolfforth Frenship

Offensive MVP – Tyler Hill, Sr., San Angelo Central

Co-Defensive MVPs – Canyon Moses, Sr., Legacy; Bryce Woody, Sr., Odessa Permian

Offensive Newcomer of the Year – Aiden Serrano, So., Legacy

Defensive Newcomer of the Year – Parker Haynes, Jr., Permian

Coaches of the Year/Staffs of the Year – Clint Hartman, Legacy; Jeff Ellison, Permian; Jay Northcutt, Frenship

First Team Offense
Quarterbacks – x-Marcos Davila, Jr., Legacy; Rodney Hall, Sr., Permian; x-Tyler Hill, Sr., Central; x-Hudson Hutcheson, Jr., Frenship
Running backs – Juzstyce Lara, Jr., Permian; Zeke Luna, Sr., Legacy; Meckie McCoy, Sr., Midland High
Fullback/H-back – Andrew Helguera, Jr., Permian
Wide receivers – x-Tate Beeles, Sr., Frenship; Ivan Carreon, Jr., Odessa High; Jacob English, Sr., Central; Landon Hutcheson, Jr., Frenship; Ja’Quan Richardson, Sr., Permian; x-Aiden Serrano, So., Legacy; Deonta Sonnier, Sr., Legacy
Tight end – Nathan Rodriguez, Sr., Permian
Tackles – Girevis Bobey, Sr., Legacy; x-Harris Sewell, Sr., Permian
Guards – Nathaniel Rodriguez, Sr., Permian; x-Juan Torres, Sr., Legacy
Centers – Isaiah Kema, Sr., Frenship; Francisco Sanchez, Sr., Permian
Utility – Isaac Herrera, Jr., Permian; Skylar Wilburn, Jr., Legacy

First Team Defense

Ends – x-Caydin Blakely, Jr., Frenship; x-Desmond Hill, Sr., Permian
Tackles/Nose guards – Chase Barton, Sr., Legacy; Josiah Brown, Sr., Legacy; Daniel Varela, Sr., Midland High
Outside linebackers – x-Jace Gilliam, Sr., Permian; x-Parker Haynes, Jr., Permian; x-Gilbert Hernandez, Jr., Legacy
Inside linebackers – Caysen Clinton, Sr., Permian; Darius Floyd, Sr., Central; Esus Robledo, Jr., Legacy
Cornerbacks – Deonte Bass, Sr., Permian; Bryce Garza, So., Frenship; Canyon Moses, Sr., Legacy; Damien Johnson, Jr., Legacy; x-Jadyn Pruitt, Sr., Permian; Jacoby Yates, Sr., Central
Safeties – Athen Dominguez, Jr., Midland High; Jayven Gonzales, Jr., Odessa High;  x-Mario Serrano, Sr., Legacy; Elyas Soliz, Sr., Frenship; x-Bryce Woody, Sr., Permian

First Team Special Teams
Kicker – Tate Terry, Sr., Permian
Punter – Hayden Smith, Jr., Legacy

Second Team Offense

Quarterback – Jaylien Jones, Sr., Odessa High
Running back – Tyree Brawley, Jr., Central
Fullback/H-back – Jacob Gallegos, Jr., Central
Wide receivers – Colin Brazzell, Jr., Legacy; Tabarie Jones, Sr., Permian; Leyton Stone, So., Frenship
Tight ends – Mikel Deglado, Sr., Midland High; Brooks Roberson, Jr., Frenship; Jordan Williams, Jr., Legacy
Tackles – Eric Martinez, Sr., Central; Israel Ponce, Sr., Permian
Guards – Eli Hicks, Jr., Frenship; Marvin Ramos, Jr., Midland High
Center – Nigel Wallace, Sr., Legacy
Utility – Jakee Urias, Sr., Midland High

Second Team Defense

Ends – Emmanuel Lide, Jr., Legacy; Frank Alvarado, Sr., Permian
Tackles/Nose guards – Jamikel Cobb, Sr., Odessa High; Da’Mareon Gray, Sr., Odessa High 
Outside linebackers – Colter Farmer, So, Central; Josiah Pauda, Sr., Frenship
Inside linebackers – Kobe Ayers, Sr., Frenship; Trace Low, Jr., Legacy
Cornerback – Luke Gould, Sr., Central
Safeties – Hayden Duran, Sr., Permian; Jamar Roberson, Sr., Legacy; Santiago Sanchez, Jr., Frenship
Second Team Special Teams
Kickers – Levi Crowder, Jr., Midland High; Chase Miller, Sr., Central
Punter – Jacob Franco, Jr., Permian

Honorable Mention

Odessa High – Blane Mendoza, TE/H, Sr.; Gerardo Vasquez, OG, Jr.; Jose Guerrero, OT, Sr.; Jalen Warren, WR, So.; Mikahel De Leon, ILB, Sr.; Isaiah Essary, DE, Sr.

Permian – Brian Pry, NG, Jr.; Ryan Ontiveroz, G, Sr.; Terron Young, RB, Sr.; Jyzaiyah Solis, SLOT, Sr.; Brock Madrid, CB, Sr.; Preston Grizzell, LB, Jr.
MOJO NATION / Bond election for new high school
« Last post by MOJONation on April 01, 2022, 01:45:59 pm »
ECISD Bond Issue Q & A:

How can ECISD open more schools when there are not enough teachers right now?
In 2019, ECISD started the year with approximately 350 teacher vacancies. As of February 15, 2022, ECISD has 48 teacher vacancies across the District. ECISD created a Human Capital strategy that is improving our ability to recruit, attract, and retain highly effective teachers. The district has created multiple teacher pipelines to recruit and train new teachers (Odessa Pathway to Teaching, Future Teachers of Odessa). Odessa College and The University of Texas Permian Basin have also partnered on a fast-track teacher certification program (OC to UTPB Teach in 3). The ECISD Human Resource Department recruits year-round throughout Texas, the United States and internationally.

Where will the new high school be built?
At its workshop on March 22, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to build the new high school at the intersection of Faudree Road and Yukon Road. This site is 100 acres in northeast Ector County, purchased by the school district in 2015.
With a third high school opened, how big will OHS and PHS be?
A third high school will mean a reduction of approximately 1,000 students from both OHS and PHS. Both schools would be projected to maintain an enrollment of about 3,000 students.

Will all 3 high schools still be Class 6A?
The University Interscholastic League just established 2,225 as the minimum student enrollment for Class 6A. This figure will be the guide for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years. The new high school will be designed for 2,500-2,800 students, meaning all 3 schools will be part of Class 6A as it is now aligned. The UIL realigns every two years.
Where will the boundary lines for the 3 high schools be?
Boundary lines will not be determined until closer to the school’s opening. The lines will be determined by how many high school-age students live within the school’s proposed boundaries. That cannot be accurately assessed using today’s demographics.
When will the new boundary lines go into effect?
The boundary lines will take effect when the new school opens.

Which middle schools will feed into each high school?
This has not been determined yet.

Will the elementary schools still feed into the same middle schools?
This has not been determined yet.

How much debt does ECISD currently have?
$196,380,025 from the Bond 2012 election.

Robin Hood takes too much money away from our schools.
ECISD does not pay any money to the state in recapture at this time, and ECISD has not made any “Robin Hood” payments to the state since 2015. The District’s status as either a “property wealthy” or “property poor” school district is determined by the state each year as the District’s property values increase and decrease, which generally follows trends in oil and gas prices.

Can ECISD partner with Odessa College for CTE classes instead of building a new center?
ECISD’s Career & Technical Education Department partners with Odessa College for dual credit in many areas, with some dual credit programs of study held at the college and some dual credit programs of study housed at the high schools and the current ECISD satellite campuses. The current partnerships that are located atthe OC campus are: LVN, CAN, Dental Assistant, Fire Academy, EMT, Instrumentation & Electrical, Information Technology, Welding (also housed at ECISD’s Frost facility), Occupational Safety & Environmental Technology, HVAC, Plumbing (OC is currently searching for an instructor), Criminal Justice Administration, Paralegal, Auto Tech.

The new CTE facility will be shared with Odessa College. Important to note is that some post-secondary programs of study such as HVAC, Plumbing, and Process Technology will be housed at the new CTE center, too. Students will take the introductory dual credit or continuing education programs at the CTE facility but through Odessa College.

Where will the CTE center be located?
That has not been determined yet. ECISD will need to purchase land for the building.

Can a student take classes at the CTE center and still participate in athletics and fine arts?
Yes, students who choose the new CTE facility as their home campus may participate at Odessa High School or Permian High School for Athletics and Fine Arts.

Will the CTE center be part of the 3 comprehensive high schools or be completely separate?
The new CTE facility will serve as a hybrid model. Students may choose to attend the center full time, as their home campus. There will be core courses and other graduation requirement classes such as fine arts and PE to accommodate those needs. Other students can choose to stay at their home campus and utilize district transportation for CTE electives.

Why is this bond proposal focused on high schools and not middle schools and elementary schools?
A comprehensive facilities assessment was completed for all school district buildings. Based on the results of that facilities assessment, and a community survey, the Community Bond Committee recommended that the school district focus the bond proposal on high schools, and address middle schools and elementary schools in a future bond proposal. The Bond Committee and School Board felt trying to address both primary and secondary facilities at one time would be too costly for a single bond package.

I thought Ector had to be made a high school again?
ECISD achieved Unitary Status (removal from the federal court order) in 2010; there is no requirement that Ector be reopened as a high school.

Why not convert Ector back to a high school rather than build a new one?
Originally opened in 1957, Ector HS was changed to a junior high in 1982. Ector has a student capacity of approximately 1,600 which is smaller than the proposed high school (2,500-2,800). The facilities assessment completed in 2019 notes Ector will require extensive renovations and repairs, and would need expansion to accommodate the high school. Additionally, if Ector is converted to a high school, a new middle school will need to be built at the same time to replace it.

What specific classes and curriculum will be provided?
At this time, the following programs are scheduled to be provided through the CTE program and can change based upon local workforce needs and state course offerings: Welding, Culinary Arts, Health Science, Early Learning, Future Teachers of Odessa, Auto Collision & Repair, Audio/Video Production, Business Management, Finance & Accounting, Robotics, Computer Science, Project Lead the Way Engineering (adding Computer Aided Drafting—CAD curriculum and certification), Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Construction Technology, HVAC (moving from OC), Plumbing (moving from OC), Cosmetology (moving from OC), Automation/Process Technology (new), Drone Technology (new), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (new).
Will every school in the district be impacted by the bond?
Yes. Between classroom technology upgrades, campus repairs, and the effect of new facilities opening, every ECISD school will be impacted by the bond.
MOJO NATION / 2021 Football Banquet Awards
« Last post by MOJONation on January 26, 2022, 09:45:58 pm »
2021 Football Banquet Awards-

MVP- Rodney Hall
Best Receiver- Ja'Quan Richardson
Best Back- Tristan Johnson
Best Off Lineman- Harris Sewell, Cooper Sheehan
Best Def Lineman- Daveon Walucho
Best Linebacker- Jaxon Dorethy
Best Def Back- Corey McCoy
Special Teams- Cade Kregor
Ed Gray Award- Johnny Martinez
Howell Fighting Panther- Brian Mahaffey
Wilkins Scholarship- Grayson Proffitt
George Manly Highest GPA- Johnny Martinez 
Joe Beene Most Conscientious Player Award- Kayden Baze
Myron Schneider Scholarship- Cayden Charnick
Football Sweetheart- Jewell Dewey
Support Staff- Abree'Onna Franklin, Emma Bavousett
Gene McCanlies Special Fan Award-
George Manly Booster Club Award- Jesse Brannon, Clark Owen
MOJO NATION / 2-6A All District
« Last post by MOJONation on November 22, 2021, 06:12:06 pm »
All-District 2-6A Football Team

x- unanimous selection


MVP – Makhilyn Young, Sr., Legacy (RB)

Offensive MVP – Abel Ramirez, Sr., Abilene High (QB)

Defensive MVP – Wesley Smith, Sr., Legacy (LB)

Offensive Newcomer of the Year – Marcos Davila, So., Legacy (QB)

Co-Defensive Newcomers of the Year – Turner Squire, So., Midland High (LB); Jeremiah Alvarado, Sr. Legacy (LB); Jayson Henley, Jr., Abilene High (CB)

Coach of the Year – Clint Hartman, Legacy

First-Team Offense

Quarterbacks – Abel Ramirez, Sr., Abilene; Chad Pharies, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Marcos Davila, So., Legacy

Running backs – x-Makhilyn Young, Sr., Legacy; Zion Ward, Sr., Midland High; Da’King Thomas, Sr., Abilene

Fullbacks – Addison Akbar, Sr., Legacy; Tristan Johnson, Sr., Odessa Permian

Wide receivers – Christopher Brazzell, Sr., Legacy; Donny Bishop, Sr., Legacy; Ivan Carreon, So., Odessa High; Ja’Quan Richardson, Jr., Permian; Anthony Ramirez, Sr., Abilene

Tight end – Jackson Wilson, Sr., Abilene

Tackles – Trevor Van Husen, Legacy; Zach Killam, Sr., Abilene; Karson Jones, Sr., Frenship; Cooper Sheehan, Sr., Permian

Guards – x-Harris Sewell, Jr., Permian; Garrett Whitehill, Sr., Legacy

Center – Seth Heller, Sr., Legacy

Utility – Donny Bishop, Sr., Legacy

Kicker – x-Gunner Meade, Sr., Legacy

First-Team Defense

Defensive ends – Chase Barton, Jr., Legacy; Desmond Hill, Jr., Permian

Defensive tackles/nose guards – x-Kameron Curry, Sr., Legacy; x-Daveon Walucho, Sr., Permian; Anthony Hernandez, So., Abilene

Outside linebackers – Matteo Houston, Sr., Midland High; Angelo Candelaria, Sr., Legacy; Jeremiah Alvarado, Sr., Legacy; Jaxon Dorethy, Sr., Permian

Inside linebackers – Wesley Smith, Sr., Legacy; Abraham Davalos, Jr., Legacy; Turner Squire, So., Midland High; Anthony Daniel, Sr., Abilene

Cornerbacks – x-Korey McCoy, Sr., Permian; John Washington, Sr., Legacy; Jayson Henley, Jr., Abilene

Safeties – x-Canyon Moses, Jr., Legacy; Kayden Baze, Sr., Permian; Lincon Parrot, Sr., Frenship

Punter – Bam Ruiz, Sr., Midland High

Second-Team Offense

Quarterback – Landry Walls, Sr., Midland High

Running backs – Antoine Rashaw, So., Abilene; Taija Smith, Sr., Frenship

Fullback – Darius Floyd, Jr., San Angelo Central

Wide receivers – Nate Suttle, Sr., Legacy; Brian Mahaffey, Sr., Permian; Jacob English, Jr., San Angelo Central; Tate Beeles, Jr., Frenship; Andrew Braddock, Sr., Frenship

Tight end – Andrew Helguera, Jr., Permian

Tackles – Girevis Bobey, Jr., Legacy; Jaycob Parker, Jr., Abilene; Jose Guerrero, Jr., Odessa High

Guards – Daniel Magallanes, Sr., Midland High; Legend Cabello, So., Legacy; Jaime Rodriguez, Sr., Abilene; Isaiah Kema, Jr., Frenship

Center – Julian Garcia, Sr., Abilene

Utility – Corbin Gandy, Sr., Frenship

Kicker – Tate Terry, Jr., Permian

Second-Team Defense

Defensive ends – Ryan Johnson, Sr., Abilene; Tristan Hall, Jr., Abilene; Drake Womack, Sr., Permian

Defensive tackles/nose guards – Daniel Varela, Jr., Midland High; Kaiden Andrews, Sr., Legacy; Garret Gentry, Sr., Abilene; Da’Mareon Gray, Jr., Odessa High

Outside linebackers – Zak Davila, Jr., Abilene; Isaiah Salinas, Sr., Abilene; Cayden Charnik, Sr., Permian

Inside linebackers – Andres Abril, Jr., Abilene; Elias Minjarez, Sr., Odessa High

Cornerbacks – Kwamie Collins, Jr., Abilene; Kaden Meier, Sr., Frenship

Safeties – Noah Hatcher, Jr., Abilene; Bryce Woody, Jr., Permian; Ty Casey, Sr., San Angelo Central

Punter – Cade Kreger, Sr., Permian

Honorable Mentions

Permian — Devon Pierce, Sr., WR; Johnny Martinez, Sr., WR; Jadyn Pruitt, Jr., CB; Deonte Bass, Jr., WR; Rodney Hall, Jr., QB; Peyton Sharp, Sr., LB; Brayden Quiroz, Sr., LB; Korey Bass, Sr., OL; Cade Owen, Sr., OL; Grayson Proffitt, Sr., OL; Zach Wheeler, Sr., RB

MOJO NATION / Forum status
« Last post by MOJONation on October 04, 2021, 06:08:15 pm »
Hello Panther fans. As you may have noticed this forum has changed. I decided not to renew the Panther Pit forum when things came up for renewal. I'm keeping the main forum in place to be a bulletin board for me to use for announcements etc. Thanks to everyone who posted here over the years.

You can still get info on my other social media pages through the remainder of the season-
MOJO NATION / I have 7 2021 season tickets for sale
« Last post by guest44 on August 07, 2021, 07:33:19 pm »
I have D-14-29, 30, 31, 32  Also have E-29  23, 24, 25.  Price is what ECISD sold them to me for,  $42 per season ticket.  Each set is all or none.  Call Jimmy Edwards  889-9797 anytime.
MOJO NATION / 2020 Football Banquet Awards-
« Last post by MOJONation on January 24, 2021, 06:58:33 pm »
2020 Football Banquet Awards-

Most Valuable Player- Harper Terry
Best Receiver- Shy Stephens-Deary
Best Back- Andy Castillo
Best Off Lineman- Harris Sewell
Best Def Lineman- William Payne
Best Linebacker- Amarion Garrett, Parker Gwilliam
Best Def Back- Kayden Baze
Special Teams- Luke Bland
Ed Gray Award Outstanding Contribution to the Team- Terran Limuel
Howell Fighting Panther- Marties Rogers
Wilkins Scholarship- Kendyn Armstrong
George Manly Highest GPA- Austin Jacobo
Joe Beene Most Conscientious Player Award- Brady Digby
Myron Schneider Scholarship- Bobby Lopez
Football Sweetheart- Taryn Banks
Support Staff- Kalyssa Chavez
Gene McCanlies Special Fan Award- Todd Berridge
George Manly Booster Club Award- Amy Ontiveroz

MOJO NATION / 2-6A Al District team
« Last post by MOJONation on December 27, 2020, 09:47:12 pm »
District 2-6A All-District Team

x-unanimous selection

District MVP — Mikey Serrano, QB, Sr., Midland Lee

Offensive MVP — Malachi Brown, QB., Sr., San Angelo Central.

Defensive MVP — Wesley Smith, LB., Jr., Midland Lee.

Offensive Newcomer of the Year — Shy Stephens-Deary, WR, Sr., Permian

Defensive Newcomer of the Year — Noah Hatcher, DB., Soph., Abilene High.

Coach of the Year — Jeff Ellison, Permian



Quarterbacks — x- Mikey Serrano, Sr., Midland Lee; x- Malachi Brown, Sr., San Angelo Central; x- Harper Terry, Sr., Permian.

Running backs — x- Makhilyn Young, Jr., Midland Lee; Phonzo Dotson, Sr., Abilene High; Daniel Garcia, Sr., Midland High.

Fullback — Aidan Acosta, Jr., Midland Lee.

Receivers — x-Shy Stephens-Deary, Permian; x-Christian Romero, Midland Lee; Jeshari Houston, Sr., Abilene High; Shemar Davis, Sr., Midland Lee; Terran Limuel, Sr., Permian; Seth Levesque, Sr., San Angelo Central, Jalen Leifeste, Sr., San Angelo Central.

Tight end — Tyson Moore, Jr., Abilene High.

Offensive line — Keegan Copher, Sr., Abilene High; Cade Owen, Jr., Permian; Garrett Whitehill, Jr., Midland Lee; Harris Sewell, Soph., Permian; Trevor Van Husen, Jr., Midland Lee; Chris Muns, Sr., San Angelo Central.

Kicker— x-Gunner Meade, Jr., Midland Lee

Utility— Terran Limuel, Sr., Permian.


Defensive line — x- Kameron Curry, Jr., Midland Lee; x- Dwayne Huff, Sr., San Angelo Central; Dylan Worgull, Sr., Abilene High; Christian Olivas, Sr., Midland Lee; William Payne, Sr., Permian; Ceasar Saldana, Sr., San Angelo Central.

Inside linebackers — x- Elijah Nunez, Sr., Midland Lee; x- Wesley Smith, Jr., Midland Lee; Jayton Stuckey, Jr., Abilene High; Ty Casey, Jr., San Angelo Central.

Outside linebackers — x- Amarion Garrett, Sr., Permian; Jacob Maltos, Sr., Midland Lee.

Cornerbacks — Tre Hubert, Sr., Midland Lee; Corey McCoy, Jr., Permian.

Safeties — x-Noah Hatcher, Soph., Abilene High; Jalon Robertson, Sr., Midland Lee; Kayden Baze, Jr., Permian.

Punter — Ashton Hartsfield, Sr., San Angelo Central.


Quarterbacks — Abel Ramirez, Jr., Abilene High.

Running backs — Da’King Thomas, Jr., Abilene High; William Bayouth, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Andy Castillo, Sr., Permian

Fullback — Taija Smith, Jr., Wolfforth Frenship.

Receivers — Nate Seballos, Sr., Abilene High; Klein Coker, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Carson Miller, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Nate Suttle, Jr., Midland Lee; Tyler Hill, Soph., San Angelo Central.

Tight end — Perry Gonzales, Sr., Odessa High.

Offensive line — Seth Heller, Jr., Midland Lee; Isaiah Kerma, Soph., Wolfforth Frenship; Carlos Garcia, Sr., Midland Lee; Zach Killam, Jr., Abilene High; Cooper Sheehan, Jr., Permian.

Kicker— Anthony Ramirez, Jr., Abilene High.

Utility— Shemar Davis, Sr., Midland Lee.



Defensive line — Martin Castaneda, Sr., Midland Lee; Monte’Vious Dobbins, Sr., San Angelo Central, Marteis Rogers, Sr., Permian; Eli Salinsas, Sr., San Angelo Central.

Inside linebackers — Peyton Sharp, Jr., Permian; Bryson McNutt, Jr., San Angelo Central.

Outside linebackers — Nathaniel Guzman, Sr., Abilene High, Sr., Parker Gwilliam, Sr., Permian.

Cornerbacks — Brooks Hocut, Jr., Wolfforth Frenship; Canyon Moses, Soph., Midland Lee.

Safeties — Stefano Sanchez, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship; Brannan Mannix, Jr., Midland High.

Punter — Aaron Hernandez, Sr., Odessa High.


Abilene High  — Jackson Wilson, Jr., RB; Frederick Johnson, Sr., WR; Gabe Allelo, Jr., OL; Keanu Graves, Sr., OL; Jaycob Parker, Soph., DL; Maison Dickinson, Jr., LB: Steven Leija-Mendez, Sr., LB; Joseph Woodyard, Sr., S; Jaryn Talmedge, Sr., CB; Alquan Livinston, Jr., CB.

Midland High  — Jakob Vines, Jr., WR: Landry Walls, Jr., QB; Luke Manning, Jr., WR; Brianzai Perez, Jr., WR: Matteo Houston, Jr., LB; Caden Pyles, Sr., OL: Brett Canis, Sr., OL; Daniel Magallanes, Sr., OL: Donovan Valles, Sr., OL.

Midland Lee  — Finley Higgins, Sr., S.

Odessa High  — Diego Cervantes, Jr., QB; Jesse Cervantes, Sr., DB; Jovanni Flotte, Sr., WR; Caleb Poitevint, Sr., DL; Shawn Ruiz, Jr., Tim Avila, Sr., LB; Saul Anguiano, Sr., OL; Gary Brooks, Sr., DL: Aaron Hernandez, Sr., LB.

Permian  — Joaquin Gonzales, Sr., DE: Bryce Woody, Soph., S; Jayden Pruitt, Soph., CB; Drake Womack, Jr., DL: Lucas Salazar, Jr., Slot; Rodney Hall, Soph., Utility; Cade Tschaunder, Sr., WR

San Angelo Central  — Kyson Snelson, Sr., FS; Tripp Noble, Sr., WR: Cayden Box, Jr., WR; Ashton Hartsfield, Sr., DT: Weston Hill, Sr., WR: Kayden Hameister, Jr., CB: Jacob O’Dell, Sr., SS; Malik Haywood, Sr., DB, Samuel Navarette, Jr., RB; Kobe Moore, Jr., OL; Andres Sanchez, Jr., OL.

Wolfforth Frenship  — Andrew Braddock, Jr., WR; Tye Johnson, Sr., OL; Karson Jones, Jr., OL; Tristan Laughlin, Sr., LB; Jake Gilbert, Sr., LB: Brady Wolfe, Sr., DB; Kaden Meier, Jr., OL; Jon Olivarez, Jr., K: David Kirkpatrick, Sr., DL; Alex Briggs, Sr., DL; Trace Buchanan, Sr., DL; Colton Kiser, Jr., DB; Kyle McCormick, Jr., DL..
MOJO NATION / Re: TV and live stream schedule
« Last post by MOJONation on December 18, 2020, 11:06:20 am »
Good news Panther fans! Today’s game vs Southlake Carroll will be live streamed on the Permian Sports Network! Link to the livestream is in the link below! #MojoNation #BeatCarroll
« Last post by MOJONation on November 16, 2020, 08:06:11 pm »
SAISD told me that our tickets will be on sale Tuesday and Wednesday at Ratliff as usual.
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