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MOJO NATION / 2020 Varsity football schedule
« Last post by MOJONation on May 03, 2020, 07:05:16 am »
MOJO NATION / Booster Club Golf tournament postponed
« Last post by MOJONation on April 21, 2020, 08:45:30 am »
MOJO NATION / 2019 Banquet awards
« Last post by MOJONation on January 29, 2020, 07:33:12 pm »
2019 Football Banquet Awards-

MVP- Easton Hernandez
Best Receiver- Neri Carrasco
Best Back- Malachi Medlock
Best Off Lineman- Sam Burns
Best Def Lineman- Manny Ramirez
Best Linebacker- Teo Banks
Best Def Back- Chase Stell
Special Teams- Carson Roberts
Ed Gray Award Outstanding Contribution to the Team- Harper Terry
Howell Fighting Panther- Jake Parchman
Wilkins Scholarship- Logan Phillips
George Manly Highest GPA- Carson Roberts
Joe Beene Most Conscientious Player Award- Dash Williams
Myron Schneider Scholarship- Alex Rose
Football Sweetheart- Tatum Hurford
Support Staff- Sarai Quinonez
Gene McCanlies Special Fan Award- Barry Sykes
George Manly Booster Club Award- Annie Parchman
MOJO NATION / Football Banquet January 25th
« Last post by MOJONation on December 22, 2019, 02:19:22 pm »
At the MCM Grande Fun Dome.
MOJO NATION / 2019 2-6A All District
« Last post by MOJONation on December 08, 2019, 08:42:22 pm »
All-District 2-6A Football Team

x-unanimous selection


District MVP QB Joseph Plunk, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa

Co-Offensive Players of the Year WR Loic Fouonji, Sr., Lee; QB Easton Hernandez, Sr., Odessa Permian; QB Donovan Smith, Sr., Wolfforth Frenship

Defensive Player of the Year LB Charlie Gonzales, Sr., Lee

Offensive Newcomer of the Year RB Malachi Medlock, So., Permian

Defensive Newcomer of the Year DL Kameron Curry, So., Lee

Co-Coaches of the Year Clint Hartman, Lee; Jeff Ellison, Permian

First Team Offense

Quarterbacks x-Mikey Serrano, Jr., Lee; x-Joseph Plunk, Sr., Tascosa; x-Easton Hernandez, Sr., Permian; x-Donovan Smith, Sr., Frenship

Running backs x-Malachi Medlock, So., Permian; Ryan Quiroz, Sr., Lee; Alex Rose, Sr., Permian; Major Everhart, So., Tascosa

Wide receivers x-Loic Fouonji, Sr., Lee; x-Christian Romero, Jr., Lee; x-Drew Hocutt, Sr., Frenship; Shemar Davis, Jr., Lee; Cooper Scott, Sr., Frenship; Jordan Maden, Sr., Frenship; Dre Cobb, Sr., Odessa High

Tight end Brandon Sanders, Sr., Tascosa

Offensive linemen x-Sam Burns, Sr., Permian; x-Eric Cisneros, Sr., Lee; x-Sobhan Soleymani, Sr., Tascosa; James Bruce, Sr., Permian; Ryan Pierce, Sr., Lee; Brandon Gonzalez, Sr., Tascosa; Lucas Torres, Sr., Midland High

First Team Defense

Defensive linemen x-Kameron Curry, So, Lee; x-Jake Parchman, Sr., Permian; Tracy Mackey, Sr., Lee; Evan Barboza, Sr., Frenship; LB Moore, Sr., Tascosa; Mitch Murray, Sr., Tascosa

Outside linebacker Trent Low, Sr., Lee

Inside linebackers x-Charlie Gonzales, Sr., Lee; x-Teo Banks, Jr., Permian; Michael Hinojosa, Sr., Lee; Chris Sunn-Solis, Sr., Tascosa

Cornerbacks Bruce Franco, Sr., Lee; Danny Gilbreath, Sr., Tascosa

Safeties x-Chase Stell, Sr., Permian; x-Karl Taylor, Sr., Lee; Colton Anderson, Sr., Frenship

First Team Special Teams

Kicker x-Carson Roberts, Sr., Permian

Punters Carson Roberts, Sr., Permian; Cage Jones, Sr., Frenship; Max Burleson, Sr., Tascosa

Utility Karl Taylor, Sr., Lee

Deep snapper Jeffrey Niedecken, Sr., Midland High

Second Team Offense

Quarterback Diego Cervantes, So., Odessa High

Running backs William Bayouth, Jr., Frenship; Makhilyn Young, So., Lee; Parker Settle, Sr., Tascosa; Daniel Garcia, Jr., Midland High

Wide receivers Evan McMaryion, Sr., Lee; Amarion Garrett, Jr., Permian; Neri Carrasco, Sr., Permian; Klein Coker, Jr., Frenship; Josh Lehrer, Sr., Midland High; Jovanni Flotte, Jr., Odessa High

Tight end Hayden Hall, Sr., Lee

Offensive linemen Harris Sewell, Fr., Permian; Carlo Garcia, Jr., Lee; Zack Heller, Sr., Lee; Logan Fulton, Sr., Tascosa; Brett Canis, Jr., Midland High; Louis Wilson, Sr., Odessa High

Second Team Defense

Defensive linemen Manny Ramirez, Sr., Permian; Elijah Nunez, Jr., Lee; Logan Douglas, Sr., Frenship; Josiah Emmitt, Sr., Tascosa

Outside linebackers Darius Sanders, Jr., Tascosa; Sly Galindo, Sr., Midland High

Inside linebackers Tristan Laughlin, Sr., Frenship; Cade Mendoza, Sr., Odessa High

Cornerbacks Brian Hicks, Sr., Lee; Dashavion Williams, Sr., Permian; Elijah Gomez, Sr., Frenship; D.J. Tatum, Jr., Tascosa

Safeties Jacob Maltos, Jr., Lee; Kendyn Armstrong, Jr., Permian; Alyjah Garcia, Sr., Frenship; Jamison Horton, Sr., Tascosa; Brannan Mannix, So., Midland High

Second Team Special Teams

Kicker Cage Jones, Sr., Frenship

Punter Max Burleson, Sr., Tascosa

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WOOHOO!!!! Thanks!
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Thanks OP
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The Panther Pit is back up. It will have ads though for now. Fortunately they're not too bad.
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